Sydney Blues Festival, Oct 2012 - Photography by Murray Foote

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8 Ball Aitken

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Barbara Blue

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Big Wheel

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Billy TK Jnr

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Blind Lemon

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Charlie A'Court

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Dave Tice

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Ian Moss

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Jill Barber

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Joe Robinson

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Lanie Lane

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Lloyd Speigel

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Marshall O'Kell

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Mason Rack

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Mia Dyson

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Ray Beadle

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The Trews

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12S4841  Big Wheel : Big Wheel 12S4898-Edit  Backsliders, Rob Hirst : Backsliders, Rob Hirst 12S5095-Edit  Glen Cardier & the Sideshow : Glen Cardier 12S5153  Dave Tice Band : Dave Tice Band
12S5240  Dave Tice Band : Dave Tice Band 12S5260  Mason Rack Band : Mason Rack 12S5464  Darren Jack (Darren Jack Hammond Trio) : Darren Jack Hammond Trio 12S5559  Chris E Thomas : Chris E Thomas
12S5565  The Trews : The Trews 12S5595  Genevieve Chadwick : Genevieve Chadwick 12S5759  Mia Dyson : Mia Dyson 12S5880  Lloyd Spiegel : Lloyd Spiegel
12S6018  Lanie Lane : Lanie Lane 12S6081  Marshall O'Kell : Marshall O'Kell 12S6215  Billy TK Jnr : Billy TK Jnr 12S6260  8 Ball Aitken : 8 Ball Aitken
12S6288  The Angels : The Angels 12S6792-Edit  Rick Brewster (The Angels) : The Angels 12S6955  John Brewster (The Angels) : The Angels 12S7025  Pete Cornelius : Pete Cornelius
12S7062  Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson : Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson 12S7101  Mick Conway (Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band) : Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band 12S7289  Ray Beadle : Ray Beadle 12S7371 s  Barbara Blue : Barbara Blue
12S7590  Charlie Musselwhite : Charlie Musselwhite 12S7631  Charlie Musselwhite : Charlie Musselwhite 12S7794  Ian Moss : Ian Moss 12S8042  Jonathon Sion (?) (Ian Moss) : Ian Moss
12S8102-Edit  Ian Moss : Ian Moss