January 2008 - Images by Murray Foote


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P1030147  Andy Cowan    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) P1030184  Pete Cornelius    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) : Pete Cornelius & Devilles P1030219  Ross Ward    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) P1030257  Jeff Lang & Ray Beadle    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) : Jeff Lang
P1030281  Kerrie Simpson    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) : Kerri Simpson P1030291  Audience for Kerrie Simpson    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) P1030302  Phil Manning    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) : Phil Manning P1030322  Ray Beadle    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au)
P1030372  Dallas Frasca    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) P1030391  Jan Preston    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) P1030437  Bob Brozman    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) : Bob Brozman P1030444  Harry Brus    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au)
P1030459  Harry Brus Band    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) P1030487  Kate Meehan    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) P1030522  Bob Brozman and Jeff Lang    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) : Bob Brozman, Jeff Lang P1030553-2  Adam Hole and Marjie Curran    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) : Adam Hole and Marji Curran, Blues
P1030560  James Southwell Band (with Phil Manning and Harry Brus)    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) : James Southwell P1030636  Jimi Hocking    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) P1030638  Audience for Jimi Hocking    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) P1030644  Steve Edmonds    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) : Steve Edmonds
P1030661  Steve Edmonds    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) : Steve Edmonds P1030695  Mojo Webb    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) : Mojo Webb P1030731  Andy Cowan Band (Keller Jam)    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) P1030737-2  Kerrie Simpson (Keller Jam)    (queries: zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) : Kerri Simpson