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12S1998  Jim Finn    (queries: : Jim Finn 12S2075-Edit  Darren Jack    (queries: : Darren Jack 12S2137  Pete Cornelius    (queries: : Pete Cornelius 12S2195-Edit-2  Matthew Trenery, Blue Heat    (queries: : Blue Heat
12S2376  Diane van Deurzen & Lisa Otey (plus young fan)    (queries: : Lisa Otey and Diane Van Deurzen 12S2476  Danny McKenna (Drummer for Jeff Lang)    (queries: : Jeff Lang 12S2517-Edit  Jeff Lang    (queries: : Jeff Lang 12S2629  Grant Cummerford (bass player for Jeff Lang)    (queries: : Jeff Lang
12S2689  Kevin Borich    (queries: 12S2721-Edit-Edit  Harry Brus, Kevin Borich    (queries: : Harry Brus 12S2915-Edit-2-Edit  Marcus Hill, Drummer for Joe Robinson    (queries: : Joe Robinson GK70615  Harry Brus Band    (queries:
GK70648-Edit  Pete Cornelius & Harry Brus, Harry Brus Band    (queries: : Pete Cornelius GK70729-Edit  Harry Brus & Kevin Borich, Harry Brus Band    (queries: : Harry Brus GK70757  Harry Brus Band    (queries: GK70785-Edit  Brad Harrison & Marco Goldsmith (rear), Blue Heat    (queries: : Blue Heat