Phil Manning
1 Phil Manning
Mary Jane Guiney Band
2 Mary Jane Guiney Band
Steve Edmonds, Steve Edmonds Band
3 Steve Edmonds, Steve Edmonds Band
Groove Kings
4 Groove Kings
Leo Joseph
5 Leo Joseph
Brian Taylor
6 Brian Taylor
Kevin Borich
7 Kevin Borich
Jeff Lang
8 Jeff Lang
Foreday Riders
9 Foreday Riders
Rick Melick Band
10 Rick Melick Band
Jan Rynsaardt
11 Jan Rynsaardt
John Howell
12 John Howell
Jeff King, Foreday Riders
13 Jeff King, Foreday Riders
George Washingmachine, Foreday Riders
14 George Washingmachine, Foreday Riders
Ron King, Foreday Riders
15 Ron King, Foreday Riders
Chase the Sun
16 Chase the Sun
Dogg'n It
17 Dogg'n It
The Stars
18 The Stars
Mick Pealing
19 Mick Pealing
Nick Charles
20 Nick Charles